Basket Krang - Color (Tee)

Basket Krang - Color (Tee)

This is the 2019 original print, branded on bottom in small print as "JSTNPRKR" (a precursor to Horrible Home Video).

Full disclosure, this design is very likely to have a reprint run (when is unsure, but it's not off the table).

This shirt listing is a rare OOP item, that is no longer in production. It is brand new, unworn, and features a distinctive design that I have no plan to reproduce. Each shirt has been meticulously silkscreen printed, ensuring a unique and high-quality finish. Despite any wrinkles in the displayed image, the garment has been stored in plastic for the last 5 years, guaranteeing its cleanliness and stain-free condition. This out-of-print gem is a must-have for collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate the rarity and exclusivity of unique clothing pieces.

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