Incredible Melting Man (Hoodie)


Image of Incredible Melting Man (Hoodie)

Just a few extras we have on hand. Read before buying! :)

Pull Over Hoodies & Zip Up Hoodies
Comes with 2 buttons which match the design for that extra swag.

5 available total,
2 are misprinted and labeled as such (the ink is much thicker than should be, still wearable of course, but can't justify charging full price on those ones, but also doesn't make sense letting them just sit there.), so be sure you understand this before buying.

These ones (Med Pullover, XL pull over, and XL zip up, the first 3 options shown are printed correctly with a better application of the print)

Shipping is a bitch on this, but it's also priority, so will arrive a lot faster. (This is due to the weight of them being more than you can send via first class).

Stock is Limited

  • MED (Pull Over)
  • XL (Pull Over)
  • XL (Zip Up) All Gone!
  • XL (Pull Over) Misprint
  • LRG (Pull Over) Misprint