Muppet Master (VHS Goodie Box)

Muppet Master (VHS Goodie Box)

Make It a Horrible Night with Our "Muppet Master" VHS Goodie Box!

Please note: this item does not include a VHS cassette as this movie does not actually exist.

What's Included:

1 VHS Case: Featuring "Muppet Master" cover insert
1 "Muppet Master" Heavy-Duty Fridge Magnet, size: 2.25"

1 "Killer Klowns From Outer Space Jam" Trading Card
1 VHS/Laserdisc Logo Lanyard
1 Horrible Home Video Logo Keychain
1 "Ernest vs. the Evil Dead" / "Weekend at Bernie's 3" Koozie

1 Randomly Selected Horrible Home Video Trading Card
2 Randomly Selected Buttons
1 Horrible Home Video Mint
& Randomly Selected Stickers

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