Myers Stalks (Enamel Pin)

$7.99 CONSUME!

Image of Myers Stalks (Enamel Pin)

The Slash-Up Series re-imagines 6 of your favorite jokers cards, as 6 of your favorite horror icons!


Designed by Justin Parker, get this pin in it's red and yellow form, or classic horror icon form.

Color styles, From left to right:
Myers, Riddle, Reverse Riddle, Hallowicked.

"Riddle" (mostly green, with purple, 2nd one shown in photo) had 50 made total.
"Myers" (blue, orange, white) & "Hallowicked" (orange & yellow) had 20 made.
"Reverse" (mostly purple, with green) only had 10 made.

Soft enamel pin is 1.75 inches tall, and has a double clutch back with rubber caps.

Stock is Limited

  • Reverse Riddle All Gone!
  • Riddle
  • Hallowicked
  • Myers All Gone!