Mystery VHS goodie box

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Mystery VHS goodie box

This offer is for USA only.

Only purchase this item if you understand that it is a mystery as to what you will receive, we have taken all of our spare items and covers from previous goodie boxes and made new assortments and combinations for this special sale.

We only have 24 goodie boxes for sale. There are 9 styles of cover in this sale, which is picked at random.

What parody mash-up cover will your VHS goodie box have?

That's part of the fun and the mystery.

What can we say of the contents?

All cases have our mash up magnets, buttons & stickers.

All cases have at least 1 (up to 3) vintage non-sport trading cards.

Some cases have a random enamel pin, some have Ernest vs Jason air fresheners, some have our brand can koozies, some have re-animanicas syringe writing pens..
some have a mix of these items as well. Each box is worth it's price (or more).

The VHS cases were produced in the 90's and as such, despite being stored in a huge box in a warehouse, minor wear can appear on some cases.

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