Role Models (Sticker Pack)


Image of Role Models (Sticker Pack)

4 totally awesome stickers, with totally gnarly sayings on them.

This stickers are 超失礼な AF

We speak Japanese thanks to google translate, dawwwg!


We are also going to include some other stickers for you, because you ain't no biznitch, and we like that about you, (insert name here)!

These stickers are NOT for chumps, so if you're a sucker ass chump, you better gets to stepping hombre.

Only REAL ones can score these sweet slaps!
私の乳首は猫です そして、あなたはこんにちはクールです

Stickers are circle die cut vinyl & 3"x3" WOW BRO, THAT'S MORE THAN WE DESERVE!

These stickers cost a stamp to ship in the USA, or add them on to your shirt order and the cost of that stupid stamp is ERADICATED, totally tuberculosis!

Stock is Limited