Thankskilling 2 (Goodie Box)

$14.99 All Gone!

Image of Thankskilling 2 (Goodie Box)

Limited to 24 boxes.
Please order this separately from the Melting Man shirt (as the shirt is a preorder and this TK2 item is ready to ship)

Does not contain a vhs or movie.

So whats inside?

A Thankskilling enamel pin (12 of 24 have this, you can opt for this add on item)
Pin was designed by and produced by and signed by Jordan Downey (Creator of Thankskilling).

3 buttons related to the theme of the box.
2 stickers related to the theme of the box.
1 "Horrible" horror sticker style button
1 Horrible Home Video Membership Card (with a discount code for next purchase)

Also, randomly selected stickers, one of which is holographic and based on another made up parody movie title. Some delicious tooth rotting candy, and more!

This is limited to 24 boxes made, this is a one time deal.

Thank you for your support!


Image of Thankskilling 2 (Goodie Box)