Since 2010 we have been helping people re-live the times of visiting their local video rental shop, by introducing our VHS goodie boxes.

We first started making these cases for a band called Corpse Circus, the cases were a success and even inspired other brands to follow suit.

Later we co-founded a new brand called Candy Claw, it was an even bigger hit. We managed to get the attention of much bigger brands and received a lot praise from the horror community and it's bloggers and un-boxers.

Candy Claw's creators decided it was better to run their own brands. Thus began Horrible Home Video, The absolute worst in home entertainment!

What has always set us apart from the rest is our unique sense of humor and custom artwork.  We always bring new ideas, awesome artwork, and high quality products.

Our VHS Packs are full of vintage non-sport trading cards, exclusive buttons, custom stickers, enamel pins, heavy duty fridge magnets and so much more.

We also carry poster prints and t-shirts featuring our  hilarious mash-ups.

Browse our fully stocked shelves and make it a Horrible night!