Anthology Set

Anthology Set

Do you recall the excitement of watching these timeless anthologies?

There's an undeniable charm to anthology shows and movies that makes them endlessly enjoyable ā€“ each viewing brings the thrill of rediscovering forgotten stories, giving you that delightful first-time experience over and over again.

And guess what? You can relive those nostalgic moments right now.

It's not just a set.. it's a trip down memory lane encapsulated in:

šŸŽ¬ 4 Badass Buttons (1.25 inch)
šŸ§² 1 Heavy Duty Fridge Magnet (2.5 x 2.5 inch)
šŸ·ļø 2 Shiny Stickers (3 x 3 Glitter & 2 x 3 Prismatic)
ā„ļø 1 Koozie

As always, our focus is aesthetic and quality.

Order your set today and pop on your favorite anthology series or movie while you wait for it to arrive.

Please note the "Monsters" sticker in this set is smaller than the one we sell as an individual sticker, the one in this set is 2x3 where as the other one listed on our site is 3x4)

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