Urkel Dead 2 (VHS Goodie Box)

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Urkel Dead 2 (VHS Goodie Box)

This VHS case comes with an awesome VHS cover print featuring our very own Urkel Dead 2 mash up.

Each VHS cover print has actual stickers applied to them just like the movies you use to rent. Including stickers which read "Be kind Rewind"
Some even have a silver spine sticker applied which read "Property of Horrible Home Video"
Each cover print has an aged look added to them.

Includes a new white VHS cover to house the cover print and the items inside.

No two cases have the same content inside, each is filled with a lot of rad stuff.
Each case is filled with various items featuring our mash-ups on them.

Please Note: Does not contain an actual VHS cassette or Movie, but each case is filled with radical stuff we think you will love.

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